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The bottom line on climate change

How is climate change affecting our environment and our economy? What should we do as a nation to prosper as the world’s climate shifts? These questions are at the heart of several initiatives undertaken jointly by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, an independent agency that advises the federal government and other stakeholders on sustainable development. A new interactive Flash website, based on the poster map included in this issue of Canadian Geographic, will track the changes expected to occur in Canada with every degree increase in average global temperatures. A thematic module on “climate prosperity” at The Canadian Atlas Online outlines potential areas of growth and opportunity arising from a changing climate. Visit

Teaching resource kits containing this issue of the magazine, copies of the poster map and information on 13 online lesson plans will be sent to 11,000 schools across Canada.

Finally, leading experts will discuss the environmental and economic impacts of climate change at cross-country panel discussions in six Canadian cities in October.

— Amy Smart

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