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Canada by the numbers

Why did Chinese immigrants choose to settle in particular regions of the country? How have immigration patterns changed over the past 100 years? The Royal Canadian Geographical Society has partnered with Statistics Canada to produce 39 lesson plans that will enable students across the country to answer these and other human-migration questions.

The partnership allows teachers with the Canadian Council for Geographic Education to incorporate statistical data into lesson plans on the theme of human migration. They will be available to teachers in September.

“Migration and immigration are the story of Canada,“ says Joel Yan, Statistics Canada's program coordinator. “We have data and resources that can be helpful in telling the story.”

Through this unique alliance, Statistics Canada is also spreading the word about the upcoming census, which takes place on May 16. Learning about the census will, in turn, allow students to discover how statistics are gathered, says Yan, and “help them understand the makeup and diversity of our country.”

— Angela Johnston

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