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The Martin Bergmann Medal for Excellence in Arctic Leadership or Science

2017 Recipient - Martin Fortier

Executive director of the Université Laval's transdisciplinary research program Sentienl North.

For his exceptional contributions to Arctic research and science, the Society is awarding Martin Fortier the 2017 Martin Bergmann Medal.

As the former executive director of ArcticNet, Fortier demonstrated exceptional leadership and forever changed the way Arctic research is done in Canada. He worked to integrate Indigenous traditional knowledge with scientific research, as well as adopted a multidisciplinary network approach. Over the course of his tenure, he mentored a generation of students, focusing on providing experiential learning and emphasizing a respectful dialogue with northern communities.

Fortier’s pivotal role in the establishment of the Arctic Inspiration Prize is another testament to his abiding passion for the Arctic and its residents. Currently, as executive director of Sentinel North, Fortier is working on a multi-year initiative that will help monitor and prepare for changes in northern environments in the pursuit of sustainable health and development in the circumpolar North.

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