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Lawrence J. Burpee Medal

2015 Recipients - Louie Kamookak, Wendy Cecil and Alex Trebek

Louie Kamookak

Louie Kamookak has dedicated his life to exploring the geographical legacy of the Canadian North and sharing his learning with Canadians and with the world. Since 1983, Louie has been an active contributor and leader in mapping our Inuktitut place names, and gathering traditional stories about King William Island, and it early inhabitants. His research using Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge (ATK) methods contributed to one of the most celebrated events of 2014: the discovery of Franklin’s ship,Erebus, by Parks Canada’s underwater archeology team. This summer, Louie served as the Expedition Leader for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s 2015 Malerualik Expedition. The teachings that came out of this expedition will help Canadian students from coast to coast to coast to learn about the ATK techniques through Canadian Geographic Education’s soon to be developed Malirualik Expedition classroom activities.

Wendy Cecil receives Burpee Medal from RCGS President, Paul Ruest at Erebus reception. (Photo: Tom Sandler/Canadian Geographic)

Wendy Cecil
Since becoming a RCGS Fellow since 2012, Wendy Cecil has worked tirelessly to support the Society’s efforts to make the Society’s work better known to Canadians. Her commitment to increasing the Society’s profile is having a positive impact and in November 2014 was elected to the RCGS Board of Governors. It is for Wendy’s dedication to the Society’s mandate she received the Lawrence J. Burpee Medal at the Erebus reception.

Alex Trebek receives Burpee Medal at Canadian Geographic Challenge finals in Ottawa
(Photo: Chrystia Chudczak/Canadian Geographic)

Alex Trebek
While many of us know Alex Trebek as the celebrity host of Jeopardy! Trebek is also a champion of geographic learning and education. He has been involved with the Canadian Geographic (Can Geo) Challenge since 1995. Since then his commitment to geographic learning has never wavered. Through a generous donation, Alek Trebek reinstated the Can Geo Challenge’s face-to-face competition after it being held online since 2003. For his dedication to raising awareness about the importance of geographic literacy, Alex Trebek received the Lawrence J. Burpee Medal at the Can Geo Challenge finals in Ottawa.

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