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Lawrence J. Burpee Medal

2017 Recipients - President Jimmy Carter and Andrew Prossin

President Jimmy Carter

John Geiger, CEO of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (right) presented the Lawrence J. Burpee medal to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in Georgia February 19. With them, from left, are Rosalynn Carter and Arthur Milnes. (Photo: Bobby Ellis/Canadian Geographic)

Former United States President Jimmy Carter has been awarded the Lawrence J. Burpee medal, one of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society's highest honours, in recognition of his role in expanding the U.S. national parks system and ongoing work with Habitat for Humanity. 

John Geiger, CEO of the RCGS, presented the former President with the medal in a small ceremony at Carter's church in Plains, Georgia, on February 19. 


Andrew Prossin

Andrew Prossin is an entrepreneur from Nova Scotia with a passion for conservation and environmental protection. Andrew Prossin is the founder and managing director of One Ocean Expeditions (OOE), the exclusive travel partner of the RCGS. Having amassed 25 years of experience in the expedition cruise industry, Prossin shares his love for the world’s polar regions through thoughtfully crafted tours of Canada’s East Coast, the Arctic, and Antarctica.

Under his leadership, One Ocean Expeditions has become a major supporter of Canada’s Centre for Geography and Exploration and the Society’s outreach programs. In 2017, Prossin supported the Canadian Geographic Challenge by offering finalists an extraordinary opportunity to experience Canada’s East Coast alongside expert guides and specialists. One Ocean was a partner with the RCGS on the 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition, led by Parks Canada, which discovered HMS Erebus.

In 2018, One Ocean Expeditions will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with the addition of a new flagship, the RCGS Resolute. This is the first ship to carry the Society’s prefix and represents a unique research and educational platform, reflective of the partnership and shared values between the RCGS and OOE.

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