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Camsell Medal

2017 Recipients - Jody Decker and Philip Howarth

Jody Decker
Professor emeritus of geography, Wilfrid Laurier University; past RCGS governor

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is awarding Dr. Jody Decker the 2017 Camsell Medal in recognition of her support for the Society’s educational mission. Decker joined the Research and Grants Committee in 2005, and in 2009, began chairing the committee. She also played an instrumental role in the Maxwell Human Geography Sub-Committee, and served on the Board of Governors from 2009 to 2014.

During a period when the Society was functioning under severe financial constraints, Decker was a passionate and constant advocate for the funding of the research and grants program, emphasizing its importance to university students over the course of their geography studies. As a result of her diligent efforts, underscored by her personal investment of time and resources, the research and grants program was reinstated and continues to this day, providing critical financial support to graduate and undergraduate students in the field of geography. 

Philip Howarth
Professor emeritus of geography, University of Waterloo; past RCGS governor

The Society is awarding the 2017 Camsell Medal to Dr. Philip Howarth, who has served the Society in a variety of capacities with dedication and distinction since 2000. As a long-standing member and chair of the Lectures Committee, Howarth delivered a national outreach program that engaged Canadians, served the Society’s educational mission, and raised the profile of the RCGS by establishing innovative new partnerships.

While chair of the Lectures Committee, Howarth also served on the Policy and Planning Committee from 2004 to 2009, as well as two terms on the Board of Governors. More recently, Phil has joined the Awards Committee, where he continues to contribute insightful views to further support geography leaders, innovators, and educators.

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