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Camsell Medal

2018 Recipients - Dr. Paul Ruest and Élisabeth Nadeau

Dr. Paul Ruest

Paul Ruest’s association with the Society began in 2001 with his election to the College of Fellows and to the Board of Governors, serving a full six-year term. As an active member, Ruest lent his experience and perspective to the deliberations of the Finance and Audit Committees. When his term as governor ended, Ruest was elected board secretary in 2008 and served on the Executive Committee from 2008 to 2010.

In 2011, he became vice-president of the Society and in 2014, he assumed the role of president. The Society greatly benefited from Ruest’s financial expertise throughout his tenure as he provided thoughtful and practical guidance that helped restore the Society’s financial health during the global recession.

Ruest has been an active volunteer and contributor to the Society for 15 years. His focus and determination have resulted in a stronger, more diverse, dynamic and enterprising organization.

Élisabeth Nadeau

Élisabeth Nadeau became a Fellow over 20 years ago, and so began two decades of incomparable service to the Society. From her ardent support of Géographica, and through her many contributions to the Board of Governors, Awards Committee, Endowment Fund, Nominating Committee and By-Law Committee, Nadeau strengthened and enhanced the Society.

Nadeau was elected to the Board of Governors in 2003 and served two full terms. Nadeau's most significant contribution to the Society was during her term as vice-president when she was also the chair of the Policy and Planning Committee.

Under her deft leadership, the Society’s first Strategic Plan was developed and then adopted in November 2016. Her clear thinking, positive influence, and expertise in building consensus, culminated in this forward-looking document that is guiding the Society today and into the future. This document clearly articulates the Society’s shared vision, core values and measurable priorities for the Society’s programs. Her inestimable contributions will continue to resonate for years to come.

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