3M Award for Environmental Innovation
Making a difference
through innovative
environmental solutions

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3M Environmental Innovation Award

Making a difference through innovative environmental solutions

The 3M Environmental Innovation Award was established in 2009 by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and 3M Canada to recognize outstanding individuals in business, government, academia or community organizations whose innovative contributions to environmental change are benefiting Canada and Canadians.

The Award seeks to celebrate individuals involved in a local, regional or national project, program or initiative that has provided innovative solutions that protect, restore or preserve the environment.

The 2013 3M Environmental Innovation Award will be presented at the College of Fellows Annual Dinner to Jeff Golfman, the co-founder and president of Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc., for his innovations in the industry and work with Green Kids Inc., an environmental education charity.

We are now inviting all Canadians to look to their communities for candidates worthy of recognition for the 2014 3M Environmental Innovation Award. You’ll find the information you need to complete a nomination in the official Nomination Guide and Nomination Form.

Please submit your completed nomination online no later than 2 pm EST on September 12.

Thank you for taking action for Canada’s environment.

View the Nomination Guide.

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