3M Environmental Innovation Award
Making a difference
through innovative
environmental solutions

Can Geo in the Classroom

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society has partnered with 3M to create classroom activities connected to 3M’s infographic displayed in each issue of Canadian Geographic. Combined, these learning activities help students learn about 3M’s commitment to celebrating individuals involved in a local, regional or national project, program or initiative that has provided innovative solutions that protect, restore or preserve the environment.

Canadian Geographic July/August 2017
Star struck

Canadian Geographic May/June 2017
Sway solution

Canadian Geographic March/April 2017
Dome sweet dome

Canadian Geographic January/February 2017
Born to be wild

Canadian Geographic December 2016
Cetacean seeker

Canadian Geographic October 2016
Smart meter

Canadian Geographic July/August 2016
E-waste: Golden Solution

Canadian Geographic June 2016
The green roof of the future

Canadian Geographic April 2016
What's old is new again


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Canadian Geographic

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