3M Environmental Innovation Award
Making a difference
through innovative
environmental solutions

Nomination Process

Who is eligible?

All nominees should be active participants in or leaders of projects or activities that have community support and are ethical, environmentally-sound and solution-oriented.

Nominees may include individuals who are pioneering environmental initiatives in their communities or places of employment.

No employee of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Canadian Geographic or 3M Canada is eligible to nominate candidates or receive this award.

All nominations must be made by a third-party. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

All nominations must be submitted online by 2 pm EST on September 12.

How to nominate?

Nominations are submitted online only.

The online nomination process is in three steps, as follows.

Step 1: Read the Nomination Guide in its entirety, and collect the necessary information outlined within the guide that will be required to successfully complete the nomination form. DO NOT begin the online nomination form before you have read the guide and collected the necessary information.

Step 2: Complete the online Nomination Form

You will need the following:

  • Personal information on the nominator:
    • Your Full name
    • Your full mailing address (either at home or work)
    • An e-mail address where we may contact you concerning the nomination
  • Personal information on the nominee:
    • Full name of nominee
    • Nominee’s full mailing address (either at home or work)

You will need to answer the six questions listed in the Nomination Guide. To complete the nomination process you should attach supporting documentation.

Step 3: Submit the nomination form.

Who judges the nominations?

Nominations will be reviewed by a cross-Canada panel of judges. The panel of judges will be chaired by Gavin Fitch, Vice-President of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Nominations will be judged by the panel according to six criteria in the Nomination Guide.

All information pertinent to making a nomination and judging can be found in the Nomination Guide.


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