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Massey Medal

2016 Winner - Dr. Steve Blasco

Steve Blasco Marine engineering geophysicist, GSC; studied world marine environments for 40 years

The Awards Committee was pleased to select Dr. Steve Blasco as the 2016 Massey Medal recipient. Dr. Blasco has recently retired from the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Geological Survey of Canada, after a career of more than 39 years focused on scientific research in marine environments of Canada.  His studies have included scouring and conical shoals that create hazards to pipelines on the Beaufort Sea floor, the sediments of the Lomonosov Ridge, geophysical surveys of Georgian Bay, and shipwrecks as time markers (HMS Bredalbane in the Arctic and RMS Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean).  During his research, Dr. Blasco has had the ability to bring together resources of government, academia, and industry to advance the knowledge and public interest in these aspects of Canada’s geography; he has shown his remarkable communication skills and shared his passion with Canadians. He led the scientific team during the IMAX filming of the wreck of the Titanic, he has been a strong proponent of community involvement (as in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region), has had an impact on environmental assessment for oil and gas exploration, and provided scientific support for Parks Canada’s establishment of Fathom Five National Marine Park. Dr. Blasco has promoted the transfer of technology to universities and the exploration industry, and designed innovative equipment for seabed studies.  He has been a tireless explorer in the field of marine geophysics, developing a public interest and greater understanding of the geography of Canada’s offshore regions.

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