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Massey Medal

2018 Recipient - Arthur J. Ray

Métis elder Marge Harrison and Joanna Potyandi hold the Métis National Council flag with Arthur Ray in front of the National Aboriginal Veterans Monument which commemorates the ground on which Treaty 4 was signed in present-day Fort Qu’ Appelle, (Photo: Clément Chartier/ Métis National Council)

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is pleased and proud to award the 2018 Massey Medal to Arthur J. Ray for his indelible and unique contribution to the development of a more comprehensive geography of Canada.

Professor Ray, FRSC is a distinguished, internationally-recognized, historical geographer who pioneered the use of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s vast archives to derive economic and ethno-historical data to interpret the historical geography of Canada’s First Nations from the time of first European contact. At the forefront of his field, his expertise also led him to become the principal historical geographical expert witness in major Native rights cases in Canada for over 25 years. As an expert, he played a pivotal role in bringing to the courts’ attention temporal and spatial perspectives on treaties, Indigenous title, and Métis rights. His ground-breaking scholarship has forged Canadian case law and enriched Native Studies methodology.

Dr. Ray continues to publish landmark works that privilege Indigenous dimensions in the development of historical geography in Canada.

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