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Franklin's Lost Ship

The Historic Discovery of the H.M.S. Erebus

It’s the greatest mystery in the history of exploration: what happened to the 1845 British Arctic Expedition commanded by Sir John Franklin?

Trapped in ice, their leader dead, and facing dwindling resources and illness, Franklin’s crewmen abandoned ship. All 129 perished in the ice and snow, resorting to cannibalism in their final days. The mysterious fate of the ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, has captured the public's imagination for seventeen decades.

Now, one of Franklin's lost ships has been found. In the summer of 2014, the Victoria Strait Expedition — the largest effort to find the ships since the 1850s — was led by Parks Canada in partnership with the Arctic Research Foundation, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and other public and private partners. The expedition used world-leading technology in underwater archaeology and succeeded in a major find: the discovery of Erebus.

This groundbreaking expedition is chronicled in “Franklin’s Lost Ship,” now a Maclean’s magazine national bestseller. In this fully illustrated account, readers will learn about the challenging search for Erebus. The Arctic Book Review calls Franklin’s Lost Ship an “illuminating” look at the geopolitical, scientific and cultural significance of the Franklin expedition, both to his contemporaries and the modern world.

Featuring the first new images of Erebus, this stunning book weaves together a satisfying story of historical mystery and modern adventure.

Find “Franklin’s Lost Ship” wherever fine books are sold or order your copy online.

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