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Giant Floor Maps

Giant floor map

Canadian Geographic Education’s giant floor map program is a free resource offered to Canadian teachers from Kindergarten to grade 12. Each floor map comes complete with a trunk of additional supplies to further enhance students’ experience including map legends, activity cards, props and more. In addition, a teacher guide with ten curriculum-linked activities will help bring the map to life.

Each floor map is made of heavy-stock vinyl and measures 11 m x 8 m, roughly half the size of a school’s gymnasium. By fall 2013, teachers will be able to choose from four giant floor maps:

  • The War of 1812– a historical map depicting the main theatres of war set on a backdrop stretching from Fort Detroit to the western tip of Newfoundland and as far south as Baltimore.
  • Parks Canada: Places and Spaces for Everyone a topographic map of Canada, highlighting Canada’s national parks, marine conservation areas and historic sites.
  • The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement – a topographic map depicting the vast and valuable boreal forest within Canada’s borders. This map shows all of the aspects related to the groundbreaking Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, including woodland caribou range, aboriginal treaties and protected areas, as well as forest-product company tenures.
  • Canada’s Energy: Production and Transmission - a topographic map that shows Canada’s main energy transmission lines, areas of production and energy infrastructure. Students have the opportunity to investigate the critical role that energy plays in Canadians' lives and how the energy landscape will change in coming years.
  • Canada from space - comprised of images taken by Canada’s RADARSAT-2 and is the first of its kind. Explore how Earth observation satellites monitor Canada and can be used to protect and prepare Canadians. Through ten curriculum-linked activities, students will learn first-hand how pollution and natural disasters impact our country, the importance of Canada’s arctic ice, and the scientific phenomenon of the northern lights. They will also get a chance to see Canada from the International Space Station, through the eyes of the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

To book a map or for more information on Canadian Geographic Education’s giant floor map program, please visit

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