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Expeditions Program

For many, the terms “geography” and “expedition” are synonymous. In fact, most Canadians are introduced to the discipline of geography through exposure to “geographic expeditions”, as presented in popular and academic publications. Through expeditions, geographic appreciation, understanding and knowledge expand. To promote this tradition, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) supports an Expeditions Program to encourage and support geographic expeditions taking place largely within Canada, by Canadians.

Extending our current knowledge of Canada’s geography through exploration and scientific expeditions, the RCGS has a long history of funding both major and modest expeditions across the country. 

Beginning in 2018 we are pleased to announce our new partnership between the RCGS and the Mountain Equipment Co-operative (MEC).  MEC actively funds and provides equipment to our five categories of grants, and is the Official Outfitter of the RCGS Expeditions Program.

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The greatest explorers today are astronauts, deep-sea divers and polar adventurers. But then they’re also paleontologists, historians, conservationists and photographers.

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Expedition of the Year
The Complete Columbias Traverse
Alex Heathcott

Along the spine of the Columbia Mountains, this expedition will ski 700 km across complex terrain through challenging weather.

Major Grant
Robin Beech

This team will explore and record cave features of the alpine karst landscape in the Badshot Range of British Columbia's West Kootenays, including Jawdrop cave.

Traversing 840 km of Labrador and Quebec interior, this team will travel west to east via five rivers over the course of 35 days during the summer of 2019.

Seed Grant
The Secret Coast
Jacqueline Windh

Two adventurers spend a month traversing Vancouver Island's remote outer coast on foot and by kayak, rediscovering a lost part of Canada's history.

A woman’s venture to solo thru-hike across Canada from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific Ocean on The Great Trail within three years.

Indigenous Expedition
Nanikana, The Path of My Ancestors
Benoit Croteau

Benoit Croteau is Anishinabe of Pikogan and from July 15 to August 6, 2019, he will sail on the waters of Harricana to know the road of his ancestors.


RCGS expedition support is awarded to individuals and teams undertaking expeditions in Canada that complement the mandate of the RCGS to “make Canada better known to Canadians and to the world.”

Information on application guidelines and procedures are available online.

Deadline for applications: January 7th of each year


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