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Bugaboo Spire Centennial Climb

Bryan Thompson, Greg Gransden, Robert LeBlanc, Garry Reiss, Natalia Danalachi, Pat Morrow

The sun setting on the Bugaboo Spire and North Howser Tower. (Credit: Lyle Grisedale/Canadian Geographic Photo Club)

In 1916 Austrian mountain guide Conrad Kain led Alpine Club of Canada members J. Vincent plus Albert and Bess MacCarthy to become the first known climbers to ascend the Bugaboo Spire of BC’s Purcell Mountains. The spire was no easy climb. The granite spire rises up to an elevation of 3,204 meters and rests between the Vowell and Crescent Glaciers. To celebrate the centenary of this historic climb, a group of climbers will scale the Bugaboo Spire in July. They will use the same type of clothing, camping gear and climbing equipment used in 1916 by Kain and his party. The Bugaboo Spire Centennial Climbers will only switch to modern gear and equipment during two or three difficult sections on the upper part of the mountain – in order to remain safe! Stay tuned because the entire project will be made into a documentary film that recounts their adventure to Canadians and the world.

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