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Know the North

James Swan, Stephen Kesselman, Sydney Toni, Hadley Burns, Paul Schram, Kira Burkett, Ian Girard, Augusta Stobbe

Members of Know The North Expedition in a makeshift canoe. (Photo: Lorne Sunley/Sunley Photography)

Know the North is four women and four men team on a 50-day paddling expedition from northern Saskatchewan to Hudson Bay. The group is made up of a group of educators, outdoor enthusiasts and friends. They will be exploring a major part of Canada’s North by canoe in July and August of 2016, covering nearly 1400 km across four provinces and territories. The route involves many challenging sections of whitewater, extended upstream travel, countless portages, and the traverse of seldom traveled areas in efforts to string together remote parts of the Canadian Shield, Taiga, and Hudson Bay Lowland ecozones. This expedition aims to highlight the benefits of outdoor exploration, the importance of environmental sustainability, and the wonders of Canada’s northern geography and introduce its people to the next generation of Canadians.

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Expedition website

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