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Route Blanche 2016

David Greene, Adrien Greene

Dave and Adrien Green from Route Blanche. (Photo: Stephen Ferguson)

Québec’s Lower North Shore region has long been one of the least explored areas of Canada. The region is so remote that it was one of the last regions in Canada to get electricity and that didn’t happen until the early 1970’s! Sixteen isolated communities that dot the 418 kilometers of the Lower North Shore’s rugged coastline and is comprised of 11 villages. Like many remote communities in Canada, no navigable road connects these isolated communities of between 100 to 1200 inhabitants. The isolation has helped to preserve a way of life that has been maintained over the past three hundred years. The Ministry of Transport of Québec does maintain a snowmobile route in winter to connect the communities with the rest of the province. The expedition team will begin travelling the seasonal “Route Blanche” by snowshoe by day in February and overnight in a canvas tent. Ultimately the team wants Canadian to learn more about Lower North Shore and the geography, history, culture and heritage that makes this region so unique.

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