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Women's Logan Traverse

Natalia Martinez, Ines Dussaillant

Natalia Martinez, team member of the Womens Logan Traverse. (Photo Courtesy Womens Logan Traverse)

Mount Logan is the highest peak in Canada, towering at 5,959 m at the heart of the Saint-Elias range in the Kluane National Park. It is a remote mountain located in the middle of what is probably the largest non-polar ice field on the planet. An experienced two-woman team will attempt to climb this legendary mountain in alpine style via the aesthetic technical route: The East Ridge. When they arrive at the Saint Elias Range in July of 2016 they will traverse the Logan Massif from East to West, climb the beautiful East Ridge and then ski down to the West by the King's trench. This demanding route features two exciting knife-edge ridges, a high level of exposure, and breathtaking views and has yet to be conquered by a female team.

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