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Expedition of the Year: The Bisaro Plateau Caves Project

Jeremy Bruns

North of Fernie, B.C., a promising remote karst plateau near Mt. Bisaro was finally investigated in July 2012 using a helicopter for access. Over a hundred surface sinks or entrances were catalogued but one small slot entrance on a ridge wasn’t plugged and it went big. This cave has since been named Bisaro Anima. Successive expeditions from 2013–2016 continued the exploration ever deeper. Over New Year’s 2017, an additional RCGS-supported expedition was mounted by nine team members who stayed in the cave for five to seven days. The expedition completed a dive of the sump and achieved the record for the deepest cave in Canada at -670 metres. 

The primary goal of the 2018 season is exploration to further extend the known length and depth of the cave. Team members will be camping underground in the cave for five to seven days at a time. Surface teams will be responsible for mapping and inventory of additional cave entrances and potential links to the known Bisaro Anima passages.

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