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The Mystery Mountain Project 2018

Bryan Thompson

A team of alpinists will explore the Waddington Range of Western B.C. in the same way it was done by the first party to attempt to climb Mt. Waddington led by Don and Phyllis Munday in 1926. A team of climbers will approach Mt. Waddington via steamship up Bute Inlet, hike along the Homathco River valley to Coola Creek, then approach Waddington Glacier. Camps will be established and supplied along the way. The party will then follow Waddington Glacier to Mt. Munday, traverse that peak to reach Tidemann glacier and attempt to climb Mt. Waddington via the Bravo Glacier route. A film crew will accompany the re-enactors and make a documentary film of the expedition, which will be entered into various film festivals across Canada and the world. Expedition members will go on tour across Canada, telling the story of the Mundays and their intrepid explorations of the area throughout the 1920s and ‘30s. The film and photographic exhibition will be made available to museums, schools and societies.

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