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Research Grants

The David Thompson Grant for Research in Canadian Cartography

The David Thompson Grant for Research in Canadian Cartography (up to $10,000), is awarded annually by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Applicants are required to be pursuing a research project within the area of Canadian Cartography, with a planned commitment to publishing academically, and to openly publishing their research findings online.  Recipients can either be Canadian nationals, or international applicants with a research focus on Canadian cartography.

Recipients of the David Thompson Grant for Research in Cartography agree to make their research available, in a plain language format, to the RCGS.

Further, recipients of the David Thompson Grant may be additionally eligible for a 1-year paid internship with National Resources Canada. 

The deadline for receipt of applications is  September 15. Faxed applications will not be accepted. Confirmation of receipt will be emailed. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Application Procedure
No application form is provided. Please do not include a résumé as it is not required. Applications MUST conform to the following format.

Items 1 through 9 must not exceed two (2) 8½ x 11 pages using one inch margins and a font that prints no more than twelve (12) characters per inch. Please use capitals for section headings and leave two lines between sections. Provide ONLY the information requested, using the headings listed below and formatted as indicated:

  1. 1. Surname, Given Name
  2. Address (mail, telephone, e-mail, fax - list all available)
  3. Current Program
  4. Degrees (and other post-secondary qualifications)
  5. Proposed Research Project Title
  6. Academic Awards (if applicable)
  7. Related Employment Experience (if applicable)
  8. Names and Addresses (as in item 3 above) of Two Referees
    In addition, please provide the following:
  9. Referees’ Evaluation
    Included with the submission must be two (2) evaluations of your academic performance and the proposed research topic by either faculty or subject matter experts who are familiar with your work. Applicants are responsible for providing EACH referee with a copy of the Description of Research (item 11) and ensuring that the evaluation, not more than one page single-spaced, be returned to them in a SEALED envelope in time for inclusion in their submission to the Society. One of the referees will normally be the thesis supervisor.
  10. Brief description of project in 150 words or less.
  11. Description of Research
    The description can be no more than two (2) 8½ x 11 pages, single-spaced. It should provide a clear statement of (1) the focus of the research, (2) conceptual framework, (3) research methodology and data sources and (4) research budget.
  12. Ethics Clearance
    Approval of the proposed research by the University Ethics Committee or other relevant body must be submitted where the research involves human subjects. For guidance, consult your faculty advisor or Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Please address all submissions as follows:
David Thompson Grant for Research in Canadian Cartography
The Royal Canadian Geographical Society
50 Sussex Drive
Ottawa (Ontario)
K1M 2K1

For further information or to submit an application, please email Kendra Stieler at

Reference letters may also be emailed to the above email address. The name of the student should be clearly indicated in the subject line.

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